2017 MILE Graduates

2018 is the tenth anniversary of the MILE program run by the University of Sydney This important program is designed for Indigenous educators who
wish to develop their knowledge and skills as teachers and specialise in teaching their language/s.

First Languages Australia would once again like to congratulate the University of Sydney for their ongoing commitment to Indigenous language teacher development in the provision of this program. We would particularly like to thank the program’s dedicated coordinating and teaching staff who continue to enliven the program and work tirelessly to advocate for and support the teachers who enrol, tailoring the course to meet their needs.


"The MILE course has taken me to a deeper level of understanding/appreciation of my language and equipped me with necessary skills to move forward with confidence. More importantly, I am able to share the knowledge I have learnt from completing the course with my Mob, so as a community we can all contribute and make positive gains to bring our language back to its rightful place of everyday use. 


The course itself was both exciting and challenging! I feel a greater sense of direction coming to the end the course and realise that whilst my language journey will continue into the years ahead, I now have extra skills and knowledge to do so with confidence." Jajinyji, Nathan Schrieber. Yarrabah State School