Attendees at the Endangered Languages Project meeting, Sydney, May 2013

Linking with languages from around the world was the focus of a meeting hosted by First Languages Australia for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members in Sydney recently.

The meeting was hosted at the Google Australia headquarters where people were given an introduction to the global Endangered Languages Project. This has been established to support and promote the world’s most threatened languages, and as such, is relevant to many from Australia. The meeting included a video link with representatives from First Peoples of North America language programs. Practical workshops let users learn how to take the first steps to begin promoting their languages to the global community.

First Languages Australia Director, Geoff Anderson has offered to take a coordinating role for materials from Wiradjuri country. “It is important that someone from the community keeps an eye on the material that is uploaded to the website. It’s a strength of the website management that this type of monitoring can happen, so community remains in control of their own information.”

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