By ABC Open Producer Paul Bray

The Yindjibarndi language has been spoken around here for a long time. A hill kangaroo is a marndanyungu, an emu a jarnkurna, a goanna an aurrumanthu and an echidna a jirriwi.

Students at the Peg's Creek school have also been busy learning the Yindjibarndi language.

Lynda Ryder (aka Mrs Ryder), a local Yindjibarndi Elder, teaches LOTE classes throughout the week with primary students of all ages.

Peg's Creek students are currently learning some new vocabulary (this week words describe the local Pilbara environment), family relationship words, sentences, prefixes and much more.

So how about some Yindjibarndi counting?

1 - Gunjirri 2 - Gulharra 3 - Jarrwurdi 4 - Gulharraulhamba 5 - Maru Many more - Marnuwarra

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