First Languages Australia have started work on an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages project which has been funded by the Commonwealth Department of Education, Skills and Employment. This is to be run jointly with the Training and Career Development for Language Workers project, funded by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications–Indigenous Languages and Arts program. 

These projects will build on the information in our 2016 Report Nintiringanyi: National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Language Teaching and Employment Strategy. The result of the new joint projects will be a comprehensive Government-backed strategy for the learning and teaching of languages, and training and career development covering all areas of language work. The content of the final report will reflect the knowledge, aims and ambitions shared by the language centres and community programs, supported by research and innovation from a pool of partner organisations.

One of the first steps is to hold a national video conference for language centres and programs, to begin talks around training and career development for language workers. As a starting point, we have compiled a list of the relevant training opportunities currently available into a summary document that can be downloaded here

A video conference to initiate the conversation was held on Thursday, 11th of June at time 11.30 EST. The discussion agenda is below, and meeting notes are available here for reference.

Discussion agenda: Training and career development for language workers

Zoom conversation facilitated by Faith Baisden.

Friday, 19th of June 2020 at 11.30 am NT and SA time, 12 pm EST, and 10 am WA time.

Faith Baisden

  • Welcome
  • Project background

The following language centres offered to begin the conversation by sharing their experience and highlight the particular needs in their regions.

Lynnette Ackland, Far West Language Centre

  • ICIP Training with Terry Janke
  • Cert 3 in Master Apprentice

Stacey Saltner and Jacqui Blackman, Central Queensland Language Centre

  • Linguistics in-service training
  • Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics) offered by Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education in partnership with Charles Darwin University

Xavier Barker and Karin Calley, Pama Language Centre

  • Experience toward offering Diploma in linguistics and language work in the Cape
  • Professional accreditation of language experts

Maree Kleesch, Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics–Batchelor Institute

  • Certificates in Own Language Work
  • Batchelor Institute plans for the future

General discussion and additional feedback


Doug Marmion, AIATSIS

Lynnette Ackland, Far West Language Centre

Shaun Davies, Language Research Officer Yugambeh Museum

Angela Harrison, Batchelor Institute in Alice Springs

Rory O'Connor, Yugambeh Museum

Karina Lester, Mobile Language Team SA

Cathy Bow, Charles Darwin University

Hannah Harper, ARDS Aboriginal Corporation

Rachel Dikuḻ, ARDS Aboriginal Corporation (apologies)

Lesley Duggan, Central Queensland Language Centre

Mike Hamilton, Director VET Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education

Stacey Saltner, Central Queensland Language Centre

Jacqui Blackman, Gidarjil 

Rachel Nordlinger, Director of the Research Unit for Indigenous Language at the University of Melbourne

Xavier Barker, Pama Language Centre

Maree Kleesch, Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics–Batchelor Institute

Paola Fischer, Batchelor Institute

Nicoletta Romeo, Batchelor Institute

Janine Oldfield, Batchelor Institute

Carolyn Barker, First Languages Australia

Robert Ah Wing, First Languages Australia

Annalee Pope, First Languages Australia

Faith Baisden, First Languages Australia

Rob Amery, Kaurna Warra Pintyanth

Jaylon Newchurch,Kaurna Warra Pintyanth

Mary Anne Gale, 

Kate Charlwood, Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring Language and Culture Centre

Karin Calley, Pama Language Centre