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Our committee and staff used the opportunity of having many language program teams together in Darwin for Puliima, to host Ngarrangarra gum midling–a meeting of language centre and program managers. The day comprised of a series of short, facilitated panel discussions and workshops on the topics: 
* Pay rates and awards for language workers 
* Working with local government 
* Language work contracts and intellectual property 
* Languages and science 
* Our place names 

Each panel included representatives of language centres and programs along with partner organisations. It was a productive gathering and an excellent opportunity for language centres to speak directly with some of our national partners.

Discussion motes are available here.

The meeting title ‘Ngarrangarra gum midling’ means ‘We talk together’ in Larrakia.

Ngarrangarra is pronounced ‘ngah-rran-gah-rrah’­–the ng is one sound with tongue behind top teeth and the rr with an extended roll. Gum pronounced as in Australian English and midling as ‘meed-ling’. Provided by Bilawara Lee.

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