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Press release for International Mother Language Day–21 February 2019

In acknowledgement of International Mother Language Day 2019, First Languages Australia is celebrating the relaunch of Gambay: First Languages Map.


First Languages Australia manager, Faith Baisden says, “Gambay highlights over 700 languages, many of which are grouped by colour to support the sharing of resources between related languages.”

“In collaboration with local community members extensive teachers’ notes have been compiled to encourage schools to teach about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages across curriculum areas.”

“Over the past few months, Gambay has undergone significant development to improve a range of functions...”

New features include:
* the ability to embed a diverse range of language media;
* links to language centres so that community and connected organisations can make direct contact with language programs on the ground; and
* direct links to the language listings on AustLang, the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies' language database, for further information about each language including the resources that are available.

Geoff Anderson of the Parkes Wiradjuri Language Group highlights community control as the crucial feature of _Gambay_ that makes it different from other language maps. “Gambay allows language centres and communities to manage the way their languages are represented. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members can contact their local language centre or First Languages Australia with additional information or new media at any time.” he said.

“First Languages Australia would like to thank all the language centres and programs which have provided information about their regions, and their own audio visual material, for inclusion.” Says Ms Baisden.

The development of Gambay has been supported through the Australian Government's Indigenous Languages and Arts program. Gambay uses imagery and mapping software provided by Mapbox which supports a range of community mapping projects around the world.

For further information go to gambay.com.au.

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