The Puliima National Indigenous Languages and Technology Forum was once again a great success. Among the inspiring presentations and workshops, First Languages Australia

hosted these panel sessions:

Our Young Champions

From little things, big things grow: Working with partners

First Languages Australia and the ABC

Language activities and wellbeing

What are the links?

The National Placenames Project.

A presentation by Bruce Pascoe

Puliima YC

Our Young Champions. Photo: Katherine Soutar

Puliima Placenames

The National Placenames Project. Photo: Katherine Soutar
Puliima ABC
First Languages Australia and the ABC. Photo: Katherine Soutar
Puliima Language Wellbeing
Languages and wellbeing

It was fantastic to see so many faces old and new, to learn of the new projects underway, and hear of the success of those long-term activities which continue to grow from their solid foundation.

Puliima was also an opportunity for First Languages Australia to record more ‘language legends’ for Gambay, the languages map. Eighty new profiles will be added to the map in the coming weeks.