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WarraTogether with language centres around the country First Languages Australia has produced Warra: Building teams, building resources. Warra has been designed to save time and effort for everyone involved in language resource production by summarising key things that need to be considered when planning to make language resources.

Warra takes a broad view of what resources are. It includes project examples such as the production of children’s books, traditional stories, music CDs, videos and DVDs, websites, classroom materials, radio programs and blogs.

The project has seen very high level of participation and contribution from language centres and projects around the country. Participating project 
teams have shared their knowledge through this process in order to save 
others having to learn the hard way. Without these contributions Warra would not be the useful resource it is.

There will always be unique challenges to overcome with any project, but hopefully Warra will make your work a little easier.

First Languages Australia hopes that Warra will encourage strong, productive teamwork and help you to feel confident and enjoy the process of creating resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

Download Warra here.

'Warra' is a noun for ‘talk’ that also means ‘language’, ‘speech’, the act of talking, ‘voice’, ‘throat’ and ‘word’, in the Kaurna language of the Adelaide Plains. The rr in warra is a rolled r-sound. The a-sound in warra is pronounced as in Maori haka. The title Warra has been contributed by Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi and is shared by related languages, including Nukunu and Narungga.

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